Advisory Board - Oil & Gas US 2016

Meet the 2016 advisory board members

We are pleased to be working with the following leaders to shape the 2016 agenda for Oil & Gas. 

  • Jenny Cooper

    Commercial Manager Smithers Rapra

    Jenny Cooper is the Commercial Manager for the provision of technical services to support the Industrial Sector at Smithers Rapra. She has specific responsibility for clients such as oil and gas companies, raw material suppliers, compounders & distributors, utility companies, electrical & electronic device manufacturers and companies in the construction industry. Prior to working at Smithers Rapra, Jenny worked for GKN, initially working on continuous fibre-reinforced resin systems for suspension and propshaft applications. She was then the Polymer Test Laboratory Manager and later the Global Technology Manager for the development of rubber & TPE boots used on automotive constant velocity joints. She has a materials engineering degree from Loughborough University.

    • United Kingdom
  • Dr. Avi Gadkari

    Technical & Business Development Manager, Functional Chemicals AkzoNobel

    Avi Gadkari is the Technical & Business Development Manager responsible for North and South America regions in Sales & Marketing organization of Functional Chemicals business at AkzoNobel.  Avi has served polymer/petrochemicals industry for more than 20 years at companies such as Exxon, DuPont, ChevronPhillips, Celanese/Ticona, Evonik and polymers business consulting firm Phillips Townsend. Throughout his career, Avi has worked in a broad spectrum of markets. His extensive global industry experience includes taking on leadership roles in sales/marketing and business development, project portfolio management, account management/technical sales and service and products/applications innovations, development and commercialization. Avi holds a Ph.D. in Chemistry with specialization in Polymer Science from the University of Akron, Ohio, USA. During his career, Avi has completed several professional development activities and workshops such as Marketing & Sales Excellence, Market Back/Value Chain/Value Pricing, Negotiation, Six Sigma certification, Problem Solving & Decision Making, Exceptional Presentation and a number of polymer industry courses and workshops. Avi is the recipient of Polymer Technology Award of Exxon Chemicals and inventor and author of several patents and publications in varied areas. Avi is a member of Society of Plastic Engineers, Society of Petroleum Engineers, Energy Rubber/Polymer Group and Society for the Advancement of Materials and Process Engineering [SAMPE].

  • Ming Yu Haung

    Principal Engineer GE Oil & Gas

    Dr. Ming Yu Huang is a Principal Engineer with GE Oil & Gas. He has been with GE Oil & Gas for eight years working on elastomer technology for drilling applications, and has published several patents and conference/journal papers on high performance elastomers for oil and gas industries. Before joining GE, he was Chief Chemist of elastomers for aerospace, aircraft and automotive applications.  He received B.S. and M.S of Polymer Engineering from Tongji University and Zhejiang University in China, and Ph.D. of Polymer Science from The University of Akron in Ohio.

  • Dipti Singh

    PhD Scientist Halliburton

    •Skilled research scientist with strong background in polymer science and chemistry
    •Expertise in polymer synthesis by ATRP, emulsion and photo-polymerization. Special expertise in biomaterials for wound dressing, drug delivery and tissue engineering.
    •Experience in patent preparation and analysis. 
    •Recipient of DST-DAAD fellowship

  • Neerav Verma

    Senior Research Engineer in Materials & Fabrication field ExxonMobil

    Dr. Neerav Verma has been working as Sr. Research Engineer in Materials and Fabrication group at ExxonMobil Upstream Research Company since 2011. Prior to joining ExxonMobil, he completed his PhD. and MS. from Carnegie Mellon University in the field of Metallurgy and Materials Science and engineering. While at ExxonMobil, Dr. Verma has worked on various projects focused at pipeline welding and pipeline rehabilitation. 

    Dr. Verma has been a past reviewer of Metallurgial and Material Transactions as well as a reviewer of articles from TMS Conference, welding metallurgy and processes, cryogenic materials, microstructual characterization quatitative image analysis and thermodynamics. 

  • Jay Yun

    EMS Polymers Group Manager, Principal, Schlumberger
    • 24 years R&D and product development in polymer industry. 
    • Hands-on experience in polymer development for oil and gas exploration industry
    • Extensive knowledge of formulation of polymer compounds, polymer blends, reactive extrusion, injection molding, and extrusion.
    • Leading team with technical expertise in multi-functional role.

    Specialties: Non-metallic Materials for Oil and Gas Exploration Industry. Polymer Composite, HPHT Polymers (i.e. Fluoropolymer, PEEK, PPS etc), Thermoplastic Elastomer, Rubber
    Polymer Compounding, Polymer Processing, Project Management